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259.27 // Terrorist Revealed

First images of Bespin attacker retrieved from wreckage…

First glimpse of the Cloud City attacker

Bespin Police force have released the first images of the Terrorist and alleged Sith who destroyed Cloud City. The individual was responsible for nearly seven million deaths after they disabled the repulsorlift power plant that kept the City afloat.

Detective Superintendent Yanto March who lead the investigation into the attack gave the images to the media after intense forensic scrutiny.

The footage was all but destroyed. Fortunately our team of specialists were able to recover fragments of the data and have pieced together these images, vital clues in discerning the identity of this alleged Sith. The individual appears to be a humanoid female, possibly of Zeltron ancestry. Her face was hidden by a mask but the individual had striking red hair and took down the reactors with some sort of energy blast.

The true identity of this woman remains a mystery, but she has demonstrated a chilling level of power in destroying a City single handedly.

Meanwhile the former Minister of State Benjamin Dama has been officially sworn in as Chief of State under an emergency act of the Senate. He has stated his intention to relinquish power once these new terrorist threats have been quelled.

Chief of State Tin was a close personal friend of mine. I never thought I would be trying to fill her shoes and I have never sought the responsibilities that come with this seat. But fill her shoes I must, and I will do all I can to live up to her remarkable legacy as one of the finest leaders this government has seen. Her Assassination was an act of cowardice, designed to instil fear and provoke anger. But if there is one thing I learned from my friend, your former leader, it is that when injustice threatens us, we must stand fast and defend our beliefs, no matter what the personal cost…

Chief of State Dama then travelled to a hastily scheduled meeting with the Peoples Representatives of the Commonwealth Parliament, accompanied by his aides and the current Section Chief of the GA Investigation Bureau.

259.27 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN