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258.08 // Rutledge Apprehended

The current relief department’s head of divisions, Baron Rutledge, was arrested this morning on charges of Piracy, Theft, Corruption and willful negligence. Chief of State Megana Tin had dispatched a number of Jedi to investigate the Pirate raids being carried out on relief vessels in the far rim and yesterday they uncovered conclusive proof that implicated Rutledge in the raids.

It transpires Rutledge had been passing on GA Hyperdrive codes to a band of pirates, allowing them to produce the mass gravity well effects used to pull ships out of hyperspace. The stolen goods were then sold on to the black market and the profits split between the Bloody Bones and the Rutledge estate.

It is estimated that the Baron has made 400,000 galactic credits through this endeavour. This money will be redirected to aid work as well as Rutledge’s additional legal fees.

The Bloody Bones meanwhile face piracy charges but due to the captains collaboration with the Jedi, Master Corinth Alkorda and newly Knighted Coren Ran and Nivek Tholmai, their sentences have been reduced. Additionally Megana Tin’s office has issued a statement addressing the need to understand the existence of Piracy.

It comes as no surprise to read that Space Piracy has increased since the GA and Commonwealth conflict. Many who live on the fringes of society band together and scrape out a living under the spurious banner of ‘freedom’ from government legislations. It is our duty to better understand these groups and provide for them refuges amongst our societies as we continue to work to make the Galaxy a better place for all sentient life. This said, no quarter will be given to Pirates who take the lives of innocent civilians.

Tin concluded by assuring the press that all system codes had now been rotated and the next relief ship would not encounter any more problems.

The Commonwealth government issued a statement of support and praise for Tin’s handling of this situation.

Spencer Colditch, Editor – 258.08 // GHN