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258.04 // Alkorda’s Trial Held

In an unannounced closed meeting of the Senate last night, Gabe Alkorda’s trial was held. We’ve been covering his story for some time now, but just incase you’re just picking it up, we’ll explain to you all that has gone on surrounding this ordeal.

Gabe Alkorda was a Jedi Master from the branch of the Order now located on Mon Calamari. In the year 247, however, he was appointed as the director of the Galactic Alliance Investigation Department (GAID), where he aided former Chief of State Feksk with his expertise. However, his career ended when he murdered Feksk on 250.07, and then fled the authorities, entering what he has now explained to be a self-imposed exile on Lehon, a planet in the Outer Rim, near Chiss space. He turned himself into the authorities on 256.18, and willingly surrendered to be held prisoner while his trial was scheduled. During the past almost two years, he has been kept in solitary confinement in an unregistered detention center for the Coruscanti police department. However, that period of waiting is now over, as his trial has been held, and his sentence has been given.

We were informed that the Senate found Alkorda guilty of just one single crime, which was murdering former Chief of State Feksk. However, current CoS, Megana Tin, motioned that the surrounding circumstances be taken into consideration, and it was agreed by approximately 3/4 of the Senate that he should receive no more jail time than the two years he has already served, but that he be barred from participating in any Galactic Alliance government organizations. The People’s Parliament of the Commonwealth issued a statement that they trusted the wisdom of the Galactic Alliance on the matter, and that they would fully pardon of Alkorda’s crimes against their people. It was finally decided that Alkorda would be released from prison and handed over to the Jedi Order for any further deliberations on his behalf.

Bliel-sa Khonta // GHN