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257.31 // No Relief for Far Rim

Another attack on a GA Relief vessel took place yesterday marking the fifth such incident this year. It is speculated that space pirates are staging the attacks but it is unknown how they have obtained the GA codes required to pull the vessels out of hyperspace.

After receiving the news during her public address on Dac this morning, Chief of State Megana Tin made the following statement:

It is evident that someone seeks to harm the reputation of the Galactic Alliance, but by staging these attacks they have only harmed the peoples of the far rim who are in dire need of these medical supplies. Outposts with little provision for trade are reliant on the aid distributed to them through their membership of our government. These attacks stem from cowardice and greed. I will issue an investigation into these thefts making the matter a top priority while I still occupy this position…

The majority of the supplies stolen from the relief ships have been medicines, drugs and Bacta, all of which have a healthy sales value on the black market.

Jensun Antillies 257.31 // GHN