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257.19 // Rhommamool Strike

Abgad Tzagn, President of the Rhommamool Union of Mining Welfare (RUMIW), the primary workers union of mining guilds on Rhommamool, released a statement on 257.09 announcing that the union would be going on strike, effective immediately and lasting indefinitely.

He cited “grave injustices committed by the Osarian government against the workers”, including failure to provide adequate supplies, especially equipment that would “ensure the safety of all employees engaged in dangerous underground activities in Rhommamool mines”. He went on to state that the recent large-scale mine closures on the north side of Redhaven were entirely the fault of Osarian negligence, as they could not meet safety regulations without further assistance.

A statement released by the Osarian government denies these claims, stating that they have “given the rations, as agreed by contract”, and that the Rhommamool mining management had been “unequivocally uncooperative with just and necessary safety regulations, and committed unexcusable failure by disregarding the advice of inspectors during regular maintenance.”

Osarian and RUMIW negotiators will meet next cycle at Osa-Prime on Osarian to discuss terms and attempt to reach an agreement.

257.10 Spencer Colditch (ED) // GHN