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257.19 // Alkorda Speaks for Alkorda

Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda is a man in his early fifties, the mentor of Padawan Nivek Tholmai, and valued member of the Corellian Security Force. However, his best known accomplishment is simply being the brother of Gabe Alkorda, the man who was most wanted by both the Galactic Alliance and the Commonwealth up unto last year when he turned him self in to the Coruscanti Police Force.

G. Alkorda was imprisoned temporarily in a maximum security solitary confinement cell until construction could be completed on a customized cell to provide restraints for his special abilities merited through years of training as a Jedi. He has remained in his cell this past year without parole while the red tape layered around his case has been meticulously cut through so that his trial may be held.

Corinth Alkorda sent in a hearing request to the Senate sometime last cycle, and was given the opportunity yesterday during their regularly scheduled session. The contents of his speech were recorded by the GHN and, as always, are now presented here for you.

Esteemed Members of the Galactic Senate,

I come before you today to plead for the life of Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda. I may be no great orator, and can struggle to move the hearts of men, but assuredly I say to you that a great injustice is about to be done. As a Jedi I stand for truth and justice, and can not simply stand idly by and allow this to happen!

Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda is not a perfect man. His faults are many, but at the same time. He is a good man. In fact, he is a great man. His service to the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance can be scoffed at by none. His selfless actions of sacrifice have saved countless lives, and our galaxy will be forever indebted to him for his honorable and chivalrous service.

Getting to the matter at hand, the life of our former Chief of State was indeed taken by my brother’s hand. Because of this, the law dictates what your actions should be. However, the law is not an all knowing bit of paper that has the final say. The law is written by the people, by you, the esteemed members of the Senate. Therefore, you know that it is something living, breathing, and with a purpose greater than mere words on a page. The purpose of the law is to protect the citizens of the Galactic Alliance, and provide for them.

Even if the actions of Master Gabe Alkorda were in violation of the law, none can doubt that he acted in the best interest of the people. As a Jedi, he serves a higher calling. That calling is to carry out the will of the Force, and to serve and protect all living things. Already, countless tales of scandals and a seemingly endless sea of corruption has flowed out of the Chief of State’s office. Many of the recent atrocities in the galaxy, including acts of genocide, can be traced back to his direct orders. Truly, the galaxy is now a better place with the death of his influence.

Former Chief of State Feksk may have died by the hands of Master Alkorda, but it was no crime. He was not a victim of murder. Rather, he was a casualty of war. A casualty of the war that he started.

However, the Jedi also fight for order in the galaxy, and believe that the people should obey their legislative bodies. Therefore I can not tell you that everything he did was right. Some wrong still falls on his shoulders. I ask for one thing from this Council of Senators: leniency. I ask for justice, but I ask you to take the time to think about what transpired. Think of Master Alkorda, and see his changed heart. Think of all he’s done for the galaxy, and what his recent actions truly mean. After examining all extenuating circumstances, I hope you come to the right decision.

Thank you for your time.

Alkorda was thanked for taking the time to share his thoughts with the Senate, and was then escorted out of the chamber, along with all news teams so that the Senate could conduct a closed session to discuss the matters that had just been presented to them.

Corinth Alkorda was also permitted to speak with his brother through the speaker system, though the two Alkordas were presumably in separate buildings, as Gabe Alkorda’s location has not been publicly disclosed due to security reasons.

GHN managed to get a brief statement from Gabe Alkorda on the matter: “I have been informed of my brother’s speech, and I do thank him for his time. I’d ask, however, that the Senate consider that he is somewhat biased in the matter, being a member of my immediate family. I have committed crimes, I have earned punishment for those crimes. I believe in justice, but I also believe in mercy, and will accept whatever the Senate gives me.”

It would seem however, that there is still a large amount of paperwork that must be processed before Alkorda’s trial can be held by the Galactic Alliance, not to mention the business that must also take part on the Commonwealth’s side. Only time will tell, it would seem once again.

Bliel-sa Khonta // GHN