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As the result of a pandemic, which tore its way mercilessly through Republic space, the Jedi Order suffered unfathomable losses. Facilities spread throughout the galaxy were abandoned, or else overrun by the invading Imperium forces. It was the formal suggestion of Jedi Master Emilia Carizk to the Jedi Council on Ossus to begin re-establishing the Jedi Order’s secondary training facilities across the galaxy soon after.

During 343 ABY, Jedi Councillor Alehk Thol assigned the Rannon Praxeum’s Head of Diplomacy (Jedi Knight Wrennin Vae) to negotiate the construction of a new establishment. The planet Bacrana was selected for its convenient location along the Corellian Run, which linked Rannon with the Core Worlds and other hyperspace routes.



Tal Zem

Additional Information

The Jedi Training Outpost on Bacrana was established on 344.01 ABY

The location and existence of the Bacrana Outpost is not public knowledge to the wider galaxy.

On 347.11, the civilian Alma Finn was offered refuge at the Bacrana Outpost by the Jedi Order after her son, an ex-Padawan Learner, was taken into custody for attempted murder.

Permanent Instructors

Lia Sandoi

Tal Zem

Eido Tisu

Thi Lisu

Previous Headmasters:

Alehk Thol
Chothi Uxaala