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341.02 // Imperium Territory Expands


The fighting has continued and the Imperium has steam-rolled its armies through the outer rim, collecting an additional ten or more systems to its empire. The Republic has formulated its front line between Ebu and Edusa in the hopes of preventing the Imperium march into Republic space.

Due to recruitment calls, the Republic Defense Force has managed to welcome 500,000 in to its ranks and ready for deployment with an additional 300,000 ready for basic training. The Jedi Order has yet to show any activity with the conflict, with the Senate becoming restless and divided on their lack of activity. Despite the announcement of the Jedi Order to protect the Republic, no military action has yet been operated that we know of. It’s a matter of time before the Imperium starts to operate near the Core and threaten the heart of the Republic; we here at Galactic HoloNews implore in the interest of the citizens of the Republic, in hoping the Jedi Order assists. More as it develops.