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335.25 // Pandemic Details Leaked

The current epidemic in the core has remained quite restricted to the Republic citizens, however we’ve been sent statistics regarding the flu and it’s path of destruction in the quarantine zone. The Galactic Health Organisation classifies the pandemic as stage six on most of the systems centralized in the quarantine zone.

The heart of the plague is a virus, which adapts and changes its molecular consistency every time scientists develop a vaccine or antiviral medicine to counter-act its symptoms. On top of this its developed pathogenic qualities that allow it to transfer through the air, and in liquids. Temperature doesn’t slow it down, but the very opposite; evolves it. The virus doesn’t only develop in a single molecular body, but in bacterial portions as well as archaeon microbes, which the virus injects itself in to. Often this evolution is common for dormant microbes, and due to the archaeon property the virus is capable of withstanding exotic and extreme climates. In other words, the virus changes every time you touch it, every time you treat it, becoming more resilient and deadly. This has caused a fatality rate of 40%.

Thus far, the death toll approximations with extrapolation of treatment statistics and missing persons reports, death reports and more are listed as follows:

Aargau – 1,000,000+
Alsakan – 750,000+
Brentaal – 800,000+
Coruscant – 25,000,000+
Galantos – 7,000,000+
Ruan – 2,000,000+

Additional statistics are unfounded or impossible to retrieve due to communication inconsistencies. We’ll attempt to keep the Republic citizens informed as best we can. Stay tuned.