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Ilum Temple

The Temple of Ilum

Used for thousands of years by the Jedi, the Temple on Ilum serves as a portal to the many caves that serve as the primary source of lightsaber crystals for the Jedi Order.

The Council of Ilum:

  • High Councilor Tai Oro
  • High Councilor Kaero Pell
  • High Councilor Vidra Stomi
  • Jedi Master Keila Loraz
  • Jedi Master Zeno Janson

Head of Departments:


  • Jedi Master Mikara Komad

Sage Master

  • Jedi Master Hersa Mal

Master Archivist

  • Jedi Master TovĂ© Pollock

Branch Ambassador

  • Jedi Knight Dsa Madell

Gate Master

  • Jedi Knight Qai Mors

Ace Commander

  • Jedi Knight Xon Torpoli

Master Healer

  • Jedi Master Tal N’jork

Master Artisan

  • Jedi Master Prez Kassal