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439.06 // Election of Chancellor Naka Rei

The Galactic Senate has been struggling for cycles now to settle on a new Chancellor. Many have been elected only to serve for a few months or more before stepping down, citing that the new coalition-style party system that has evolved in the recent cycles is too much for them and their cabinets to manage. But, in the midst of public grumbling about a dysfunctional and lost government, new hope has found its way into the executive branch in the form of Naka Rei. He is an Ishi Tib representing the Hadar Sector that includes his home world. A member of the War Hawks, he is a true moderate which is his wide appeal between the many varied parties.

Chancellor Naka Rei

Chancellor Naka Rei

A war hero from the Battle of Lorrd during the Imperium War, he took command of his ship as a Junior Grade Lieutenant after his Captain had been incapacitated by a power surge when his corvette was flanked by two enemy cruisers. Rei understands the value of a strong and well-supported military while also knowing the negative impacts war has on an economy and society.

Vowing to defend Republic space while not seeking out fights, he’s also pledged to financially support a retrofit and upgrade of the whole Republic navy. This allowed him to cater to not only the staple parties of the War Hawks and Diplomats, but also that of the powerful Centrist party who have many constituents from the massive shipyards and industrial sectors of Kuat and Corellia.

The body politic of the Galactic Republic hold their breath but, polls suggest, feel hopeful of this military commander and his ability to wrangle the disparate political parties in the Senate into a single direction of common interest.

This is Quan Regal of the Associated Presses.