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437.02 // Turbolaser Fire Over Dubrillion

Blurry images from long range scans have detected a sizeable fleet had amassed some time ago over Dubrillion, a planet that can be described as one of the core worlds of the Galactic Empire. Along with the formations of ships, points of light appeared on sensors, which experts have told correspondents is evidence of turbolaser fire. The display held both the attention of Republic Navy officials and thus, the focus of the sensor array throughout its duration.

Though full scans are classified, the official report disclosed the following:

“Nothing in our scans of the event seems to show any sign of casualties. In an engagement of this magnitude, it is dubious to suggest that the combatant factions would emerge unscathed. Even at this range, sensors would be able to detect signs that indicate the destruction of battleships; large and briefly appearing dots of light, disappearing objects, and radiation particles. This leads us to believe [REDACTED]”

The rest of the report was redacted, censoring the conclusions of naval officials. Was this some type of naval training exercise? Or is there some growing discontent amongst factions of Imperial nobility? Obviously, this event occurred some time ago as the images received merely traveled at the speed of light, rather than at hyperspace, which begs the question of what was the Empire up to those few days ago and what they could be up to now.