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435.28 // Elections in Gordian Reach uphold Republic’s Territorial Integrity

After days of auditing election results, we’re happy to be the first news outlet to confirm that Senatorial Incumbent Senator Kielbras Pol’cal has won re-election for the Gordian Reach. A member of the Diplomat party, it was an uncertain race in the face of a major political reorganization that has swept through the halls of the Senate on Coruscant. Over the last cycle the two major parties, the War Hawks and Diplomats, have found the edges of their parties fraying into several new political parties including the Centrists and Preservation Society among others. Due to this, many in the Gordian Reach were seeing voters looking to new leadership in the form of the ultranationalist candidate Ralskun Direeb from the local Independent Reach Party.

Upon hearing the confirmation of his re-election, Senator Pol’Cal had this to say to his constituents and the Republic at large,

Over the last cycle we’ve fought a hard-won campaign against those who held values antithetical to the spirit of the Republic. People who believe that diversity is a weakness instead of what we know it is as a strength. People who value intimidation, coercion, and force to rule over discussion, fair play, reflection, the rule of law, and the consent of the governed.

The people of the Reach have spoken and re-affirmed that we hold true those values of the Galactic Republic. We, the people of the Reach have declared to the Galaxy, in the face of a growing totalitarian threat on our border, that while the democratic process can at times be frustrating, can at times feel as it it is stuck in gridlock, and can be an easy system to fall into disillusionment and cynicism, it is this way because of the beauty of its institutions: The design of democracy is to allow all beings to express their voice, to have a seat at the table… This means that no answers come easy but, when they do come, they are the right ones that will help the most beings who have given their trust to those institutions in the form of their votes.

Ralskun Direeb did not give a consolidation speech but indicated that he was going to pursue a legal course to investigate what he claims was ‘possible interference on the part of the Jedi monitors’ during election day.

We are happy to report that there is absolutely no evidence that any of the ballots were tampered with. However, there was a possibly volatile and deadly situation with an attempted terror attack that was discovered and dismantled by members of the Jedi Order’s branch from Rannon. More details to be released on this situation as evidence in the ongoing investigation gets declassified.

With the current Senate election season over, the new and returning members of the new coalition-style government on Coruscant turn to their first major order of business: nominating and electing a new Chancellor for the upcoming legislative sessions. With the dramatic new field of several parties, we can expect a far more eventful Chancellery Race than we’ve seen in decades.

Reporting from Coruscant, this is Quan Regal of the Associated Presses