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417.02 // The Border Advances


On 416.07 the Galaxy went quiet as the 5th fleet, due to reinforce the Republic Garrison on Vohai, was ambushed en-route in orbit over Radra IV. We now know that the Wyld fleet, its flagship destroyed over Svivren when the blockade was broken, had risked it all by charting their own hyperspace routes from Alzoc III, around Voahi, to Radra IV. As the 5th fleet was navigating nearby the system’s asteroid belt the Wyld fleet ambushed, using tractor beams to tug large asteroids out of the belt to crash into Republic vessels. The 5th fleet was decimated and at least one ship scuttled and is presumed captured, the Republic Star Destroyer “Illuminant Star”.


The Republic has been coordinating a defense but all eyes of the Galaxy have been on Hutt Space. With the Wyld Empire’s goal of being seen as a main-stage player in galactic geopolitics there are rising concerns of factions using this opportunity to annex long-desired territory. Republic and Hutt diplomats, along with Jedi negotiators facilitating, have brokered a trade deal that has de-escalated concerns of Hutt annexation of long desired territory along Republic Space.


With an increased trust in the security of Republic worlds along Hutt space, the Republic has mobilized its fleet, looking to make a strategic strike to push the Wyld Empire out of Republic territory. Republic officials have also said that discussions have been opened up between the Republic military and leaders of the Coalition of Freedom (CoF) in Wild Space against the Wyld Empire. The planet of Svivren, the last system in Wild Space to hold out against the Wyld Empire, is serving as the base of operations for the Coalition. If the Republic and the CoF are to formally make an alliance is yet to be seen. Only time will tell for the future of these occupied planets.

Reporting from Vergesso, this is Andee Nevaro