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411.22 // Major Breakthrough in Abductions Case!


The Associated Presses have just released a detailed report updating the situation on the rampant abductions occurring across independent planets in the Wild Space sector.


A coordinated sting operation performed on Ryloth by GRID and Jedi operatives has resulted in the capture of a criminal cell of abductors tied to the slew of recent disappearances along the borders of Wild Space!


Details on the operation are still classified, but GRID has released a statement suggesting that the apprehended suspects have identified a third party as being responsible for coordinating multiple criminal and slaver syndicates that have been operating on these neutral planets for some time.


This statement corroborates previous reporting by the Associated Presses that several criminal organizations have been working together in order to coordinate abductions on this massive interplanetary scale.


There’s very little information about to whom these syndicates all report to. However, GRID did confirm Press questions about if these criminal organizations were tied at all to the Ravager pirates present in the Instrop sector in previous cycles. GRID officials replied that there is strong evidence to suggest a link, and that the third party facilitating collaboration between these criminals was also responsible for providing arms and equipment to the pirate gang there.


Republic officials are already debating next steps to try and be pre-emptive moving forward with this developing situation, but the neutral planets bordering Wild Space are universally dubious about Republic interference.


“The Republic likes to pretend their poodoo doesn’t stink. They enter neutral and independent systems like ours for any pretext, large or small, and then begin to argue that they need to impose changes on these planets due to corruption, or criminality, or so on. Look at their own democracy! They cannot even charge war criminals in a timely manner, nor can they stem the proliferation of criminality and corruption in their own senate! We will never allow such hypocrites to come into our system and infringe on our sovereignty.”

Affytechan Prime Minister Zzezzekkeen’Orloblap, of Dom-Bradden,


While most systems are not quite so aggressive with their statements about planetary sovereignty and rejection of Republic assistance, there’s generally unanimous consent and agreement on this point with border planets.


“The Republic has long used its military to project power far beyond its borders. As a planet based on inclusivity and peacefulness extended to all, the Republic’s brand of peacekeeping is abhorrent to our principals. They have shown time and again an inability to maintain peacekeeping forces without a military presence coming along hand-in-hand. We will not allow arms and weapons to set foot on our planet, nor will we facilitate violence on our soil. We reject all offers of the Republic for assistance on this matter.”

Svivreni President of Svivren, Skesteece-Hikataram Milaficat,


While overtures of cooperation from the Republic fall on deaf ears, the populations of all these planets still hope that this GRID and Jedi breakthrough about the source of these disappearances leads to their local governments taking the reins on stopping this interplanetary crime spree.


Reporting was facilitated by the AP