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406.06 // Crime Lord’s Death Causes Chaos!

The infamous crime lord Meelo, who acted as an overlord for a segment of the Hutt Cartel called “Bloody Nexu”, has died. During his lifetime, he was a figurehead of the spice and slave trade. He and his family were murdered by a slave servant in their sleep.

As a result, the gangs which he presided over have fractured. No one within the organization has stepped up to assume the role as leader nor have the Hutts been able to place a successor successfully. Crime activity has spiked in the Republic systems near Hutt space by more than fifteen percent.

This statement was released by the department head of G.R.I.D Polos Rudaur at a press conference earlier:

“The Hutt Cartel…of course…is not being effective in keeping these gangs under control. Rest assured, the Republic will be sending its very best to stabilize the regions of our territory affected by Meelo’s death.”

It is rumored that the Jedi Order has been asked to partake in this mission, though no statement has been released by the Jedi High Council as of yet.