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395.20 // Grandmaster’s Statement

Initiates, Padawans, Knights and Masters.

The past decade for us has not been easy, this spiritual war has spiraled out of control. We are no longer able to contain the void problem.

Before I speak on our next plans of action, I wish to recall our thoughts to the assault on the Ossus temple. On 394.06, the temple was attacked by a small force of what we believe to be void cultists. Our enemy ruthless, they hold no honour nor dignity. Though their attempt to seize the temple and capture the Nexus were futile, many of our brothers and sisters were killed during the attack. Remember that death is not the end of our journey. Those that have died have only become one with the force.

In order to minimize collateral we have taken the approach of this problem being an affair of the Jedi. Whether this is the case or not we are still unsure as the motive of our enemy isn’t clear.

However, it has been brought to our attention by some of the Order’s ambassadors that the void hasn’t only been attacking the Order. It has become apparent that other force-sensitive groups have also been attacked during this period. Again, we aren’t sure as to why but a theoritical guess made by the Council of First Knowledge believes that the enemy are searching for large concentrated areas of the forces.

This problem is bigger than us and is a direct threat to the force. I wish for us to extend our hand, to wielders of the dark and light to help us in the coming battles.

Kind Regards
Grandmaster Don’roq