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391.03 // A Question of Succession

Talk and debate regarding the next in line to the throne have been playing back and forth across the Empire in recent months.

With Empress Belitria still childless and will no apparent suitor on the horizon, many in the Imperial Palace on Bastion have, apparently, begun to quietly throw their support behind members of the extended Imperial family. Two in particular are proving increasingly popular as potential successors to the Empress.

Grand Moff Javin Fel has served on the Council of Moffs for the past thirty years and served with honours in the war with the Sith Imperium when he was younger, having taken part in the battle to reclaim Bastion. While popular among the other Grand Moff’s and, indeed, the military at large, he is seen as something of a traditionalist and has long been one of the more outspoken voices in the Imperial government against the Empire’s alliance with the Republic.

Ambassador Nemera Torysk has acquired something of a ‘people’s hero’ reputation over the course of her career in the Imperial Diplomatic Corp. Serving as her distant cousins ambassador to the Republic, she has been monumental in solidifying relations between the two powers as well as warming the opinions and relations of other nations across the galaxy towards the Empire.

While much of this issue remains speculation so far, the question surrounding the Imperial succession continues to slowly build. While the risk of civil war erupting as a result of the issue seems incredibly small, whoever succeeds the current Empress to the throne will determine the direction of the Empire and her politics for years to come.