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390.26 // Salliche’s pears bruised by unforecasted storms!

Supermarkets, restaurants and food carts in The Core could face up-to a year long shortage due to severe flooding of the agriworld of Salliche according to leaked documents from the Senate.

Located in the Core, Salliache has experienced unforecasted and unprecedented rain and thuderstorms in the past cycle and it is being predicted that upto 70% of it’s crops could be lost.

Best known for the Salliche Pear, the farmers of the agriworld are working tirelessly to harvest what ever they can however the USFW, Union of Salliche Farmers and Workers, have condemned the lack of support from The Senate. One Farm owner ranting

“Usually we hire in extra hands when it comes to harvesting season but we’re about a month too early and being put under immense pressure to harvest what we can, with no additional resource from The Senate! How do they expect us to deliver?”

Talking on the steps of the senate, the Environment, Food and Rural Planets Secretary Villie Reza (Senator for Far Pando) called for calm.

“Whilst there will be some brief disruption to food supplies. The leaked document is not only out of date, but it also covers the worst case scenario and shouldn’t be treated as the default position. We are currently in the process of sourcing food substances to make up for this shortfall in the Core.

As for the comments of the USFW, The Senate has recently made arrangements for the USFW to receive some aid”