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388.17 // Mother Mu’la Addresses the Galaxy

As the conflict broils on the planet’s surface of Vohai, Mother Mu’la, the leader of the Revolutionary Council speaks to the Galaxy and her “children” in a plea for help and statement of resilience.

“In this grave hour, perhaps the most fateful in our new history, I send to every household, trench and crater of my peoples, both at home and overseas, this message, spoken
with the same depth of feeling for each one of you as if I were able to cross your threshold and speak to you myself.For the second time in the lives of most of us we are at war. First, in the halls of riotous streets, and now again whence the enemy comes to our shores. Over and over again we have tried to find a peaceful way out of the differences between ourselves and those who are now our enemies. But it has been in vain. We have been forced into a conflict. For we are called, with our principles of freedom to what may feel to be alone. But our freedom is not so lonely, for each of us feels it burn within our hearts, and occupy our minds in the darkest of days. The principle of freedom that lives within all of us, all of us together, we will unite to fight for this fundamental right of being, belonging each and only to every single one of us.

It is the negligence of this principle which permits a state, in the selfish pursuit of power, to disregard its solemn pledges to those that they would call their people. An institution we would long call home exists no longer, and the foul creation that has taken its name is no friend of ours. If this loss of principle were established throughout the world, not only would the freedom of our own land echo its last breath throughout the Galaxy, but so too would the life of all free peoples. Under the servitude of such corrupt, negligent creations, there is no life. Not here, and not for this Galaxy. A poor, grim existence, where one does not know their place as little as they know themselves.

So let it be said, if even we should lose our last beach and burn our last blaster, the Galaxy will know that this was our finest hour. Let it be etched by each of our hands into the annuls of history, forever more, an independent Vohai. This is the ultimate issue which confronts us. For the sake of all that we ourselves hold dear, and of the world’s order and peace, it is unthinkable that we should refuse to meet the challenge. It is to this high purpose that I now call my people at home and my peoples across the seas, who will make our cause their own. I ask them to stand calm, firm, and united in this time of trial. The task will be hard. There may be dark days ahead, and war can no longer be confined to only the battlefield. But we can only do the right as we see the right, and reverently commit our cause to freedom. If one and all we keep resolutely faithful to it, ready for whatever service or sacrifice it may demand, then, in good time, we shall prevail.”