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383.22 // Terrorists attempt Ship-Crash on Contruum!

At the scene of a historic Diplomatic occasion between the clans Fett and Jendri over a disputed child kidnapping, the Republic Government building’s fifty-fourth floor was attacked by a violent scene of terror, in which an unmanned Republic Shuttle crashed onto the open balcony in what authorities believe to be an attempted murder of the clan leaders or Jedi envoys.

The Queen Mother of Hapes, Zenobia II, is reportedly disgusted by the Republic’s “harboring and dignification of terrorists, plunderers and murderers.” In response, the Queen Mother has expelled Republic Diplomats, and in response the Republic’s Chief of Foreign Affairs, Mul Naan has stated: “The Republic’s interests lie in protecting Republic territory.”

Contruum Police Forces name a group of Hapan so-called radicals and Imperialists, ‘Our Mother’, as the prime suspects in the attack.