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378.19 // Violence on Hapes: Clan Jendri raids continue

For years, the Mandalorian Clan of Jendri has been a proprietor of profiteering,
galactic piracy, mercenary violence and raiding throughout the Galaxy, but in the past few years they have focused their efforts to the system of Hapes, ruled by the old Queen Mother Zenobia.

Unwilling to follow the law of their ruler, Mandalore the Rebuilder, the members of Clan Jendri have profited from the raiding and destruction they have wrought onto the fringe worlds of the Hapes Consortium. “They bring only Death and Dishonor” said Mandalore, when talking of the rogue Clan Jendri, denouncing their actions as ‘dishonorable’ to the Mandalorians as a whole.

The Queen Mother, Zenobia, has yet to publicly comment on the atrocities, and much information is still unknown as the Hapes Consortium is both private with information released to the wider Republic, and incredibly secretive with the news of their planet.

It is estimated that the Clan Jendri fleet, though small, performs hit and run tactics against the Hapan security forces, luring away defenses while Mandalorians on the ground wreak havoc by means of burning, looting and murder.