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378.13 // Hutt space expansion targets the Outer Rim


As the Republic turns its attention inwards, the ever-conspiring Hutt clans have coordinated and organized an expedition of colonists, slaves and mercenary-protection to expand the control of their territories outward, reaching the borders of the Republic and the space of ‘the Centrality’, formally annexing and absorbing the peoples of over 15 planets in the blink of an eye. While it may take Hutt forces time to fully control the regions, their initial annexations have been met with little resistance from the Republic officials.

An anonymous source has leaked several recorded statements made by the Republic Governor bordering the Hutt Space, otherwise known as Governor and Senator Ruun, who said this in a private conversation on the matter:

“Sovereignty is not negotiable. The position of the Hutt crime syndicate stands at a knife’s edge, and if the positioning of the Hutts continues to threaten Republic borders, I as Governor will be forced to act, and the full weight of the Republic will be with me.”

Lord Ruun has yet to officially state the true meaning of his comments; surprisingly, the comments made by Governor Ruun have been met with resounding support from the populations bordering the Hutt space, many of whom fear the prospect of slavery under the Hutts to be a ‘fate worse than death’. The Chancellor and Government have yet to make an official statement, but sources indicate that Republic diplomats within Hutt space have condemned the words of Governor Ruun as ‘boisterous’ and ‘provocative’.