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376.17 // Discovery of a body near the Kenzie Settlement.

This tragic news is brought to you by Rannon Local Media (RLM News). The Rannon Security Force have had to deal with a rise in Reek sightings and casualties due to tourists getting far too close to the creatures. Every year Rannon sees an increase in activity from these creatures known as Reek’s, most commonly known as mating season where they will become extremely aggressive and territorial.

A local who does not wish to be named has taken the time to speak to us, and he has said. ”I’ve studied these animals for a long time, and they can be an absolute pleasure to observe, from a distance that is. We’ve had alot of oblivious tourists come down and not know these parts of the forests very well, they tend to travel into the forests, blissfully unaware that they are inches away from danger. People need to take more care around these parts of Rannon, or anywhere with wildlife really. Its not a game, people have died out here. Travel in two’s, and never alone!”

The Rannon Security Forces once again had to attend to a missing persons report, this one being nearby the Kenzie Settlement, the report came from the Jedi Praxeum. A child was spotted leaving the Praxeum on 376.17 at around the hours of 15:00 GST. The Rannon Security Forces have been ongoing an investigation of a missing Nautolan child that had made his way into the nearby forests. A team was dispatched in search for the young child, led by Captain James Yurlayo. The team were searching for approximately three hours before discovering the body of a child, around the age of seven years of age, a Nautolan. The investigation was then passed onto Chief Inspector Oranno Tal who is still investigating the scene.

Chief Inspector Oranno Tal says, “The body was discovered nearby a known area that Reek’s tend to gather during mating season. This time of the year we get an increase in Reek activity and this has been the eighth death that has come from these creatures this year. We have strong evidence that a Reek was the cause of this child’s unfortunate end and the evidence all points in this direction. I would strongly advise that everyone travels with due care around these parts of Rannon, and to keep your children close. Especially around this time of the year where Reek activity is at its all time highest. Our investigation is still ongoing as to how this child even ended up here, alone, and if anyone is to blame. We hope by publishing this it will urge any witnesses to step forward. That is all I have to say.”

From what has been gathered thus far is that this child was spotted leaving the Jedi Praxeum at 15:00 GST, and was immediately reported to the Rannon Security Forces. All fingers point towards the Jedi Praxeum being responsible for this child, but we are yet to find out the truth. How did this child end up alone in the forests, and who is at fault or was this just an unfortunate accident?