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368.09 // Man Killed By Own Exotic Pet

Local law enforcement are investigating whether a man was killed by his pet wampa after his body was found mutilated in his high-rise apartment.

Testai Alqe, a collector of exotic species, was found with “serious injuries” at his home in the Jrade District, Coruscant authorities said.

The 41-year-old rodian was discovered by his BD-5000 luxury droid unit across three separate rooms, where he kept his pets, on 368.08. One of his more exotic animals, a wampa, which can grow up to 2.5 metres tall, was outside of its pen when his body was discovered by officers. It is thought that the wampa mauled the animal lover to death, after an officer for Coruscant Coroner’s Court said: “we have established that the cause of death was a severe impact to the head and torso, based on impact marks found at the scene and on Mr Alqe’s body”.

She added that all the evidence would be heard by Coroner Aisai Coalir in the next few days before a conclusion was made. A Coruscant Security spokesman confirmed that officers were carrying out inquiries into the circumstances surrounding death on behalf of the coroner.

Friend Galoa Fisa has set up fundraising pages in Mr Alqe’s memory. He wrote: “On 368.08 Testai unexpectedly passed away at home. He was obsessed with beasts, birds and all forms of wildlife, in his memory we have set up a fundraising page for the Galactic Wildlife Foundation.

“We have struggled while searching for holograms for his funeral to find any sort of record when he is not holding a kinrath, bantha cub, pylat, esseles, loth-cat, feeding a kath hound or tauntaun, so these charities seemed the perfect choice. In memory of you Testai… who we will all miss dearly.”

In contrast, many locals have taken to questioning the legality of Testai Alqe’s choice of pets. One of his neighbours, 36 year old twi’lek Aurra Kae, had this to say: “It’s unthinkable! Imagine if that beast had gotten loose outside? Children live and play in this area! Innocent people could have easily been mauled to death! Good riddance to a complete and utter moron.”

A Coruscant Security spokesman said: “We were called at 1703GST on 368.08 to an address in the Jrade District. A 41-year-old rodian man had suffered serious injuries and died at the scene. The death is not being treated as suspicious at this stage. A file will be prepared for the coroner.”