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365.27 // Jedi Master Weaves Diplomatic Disaster!

Here we have a small picture taken from live footage captured by one of our reporters on the ground in Dantooine covering the talks happening there regarding Dantooine’s political future. Here’s the picture now, followed by some audio of reporter Le’ma Denat on the scene with Dantooine representative Rian No’Kesta.

We have managed to make our way into the Jedi Temple on Dantooine, where negotiations of the government’s future is under way. It is unclear what will come of this trading of arguments. The Empire is unrelenting and the Republic is providing a strong defense- Wait.. Wait- Something is happening! Are you getting this?? The Jedi Master is being aggressive and is shouting towards the representative of Dantooine! What has gotten into him!?

We have to see what is going on! Here he comes now! Mister No’Kesta! A word please!?.. Will you be taking what has happened here today back to your superiors??

No’Kesta: Yes, of course! We will not be tolerating this from the Jedi! And I will not stand to being insulted to my face!

Le’ma Denat: Insulted!?

No’Kesta: Indeed! If i have anything to say regarding the vote, Dantooine should firmly go with the Empire! I was not impressed today. Not at all.

Le’ma Denat: Thank you for your comments Mr. No’Kesta. Have a good evening.

And there you have it, a sweet deal gone sour. What will the Jedi do? More on this soon. This is Le’ma Denat, signing off!