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365.01 // Dirt Mite Nest Destroyed!

Last night the Jedi Order and R.S.F launched an attack on the dirt mite nest. For thousands of years the nest proved impossible to locate. While the details of the historic operation are classified, the R.S.F chief told the press that the dirt mite nest and queen have been destroyed. The Jedi Council of Rannon and its Gate Master have yet to comment on their involvement.

Let’s go to the people of Kenzie for comments:

Ru Bah, 79, Human: “*Bah*, I think this is a political stunt. No way they found the nest.”

Alara Yil, 26, Rodian: “I am grateful to the Jedi and R.S.F. With less attacks, it will be easier to farm.”

Tin Qua, 32, Nautolan: “I wish I could’ve seen the Jedi and police put em’ six feet under. Nasty little things!”

Miva Harra, 15, Human: “The Jedi and police had no right killing them. They are animals and acted on instinct. They don’t know any better! Those animals ought to be protected, now that they are likely on the verge of extinction!”

There are no reports of dirt mite sightings. For more news stay tuned…