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364.22 // The Return of the Antarian Rangers

Earlier today the Jedi Order held a press conference on the steps of the Ossus Temple. Members of the Council and the Order were in attendance. After the entirety of the Jedi Council assembled, Grand Master Don’roq took to the podium.

“It is with great honour that I am formally announcing the re-founding of an ancient and prestigious institution. An institution that has served alongside the Jedi Knights for a thousand years. Made of dedicated men and women otherwise unable to feel the Force but serve the Jedi Order all the same.

This institution is the Antarian Rangers.

Work has been done to both recruit and train promising new members for the past several years and, while I cannot disclose official numbers, the majority will be stationed at the Ossus Temple, and the rest deployed among the Order’s facilities.

The Jedi Council has appointed Pers Antilles of Corellia to be Ranger General, a former commander in CorSec and veteran of the Imperium War. We believe he is well suited for the position, and has already done tremendous work, playing a huge role in building the Rangers to their current position.

It is the Council’s belief that the Antarian Rangers will make the Order’s job of providing peace, justice easier for many years to come.

Thank you, and may the Force be with you.”