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362.17 // The Service-Corps, Pirates and a Coronation!

After roughly three years of planning, talks and negotiations, the Jedi Order has re-established two branches of its long admired Service Corps.

While the Order’s Agricultural and Exploration Corps have both been operating for the past several years, the former providing much welcome relief to many worlds across the Outer Rim Territories, the Order’s Medical and Educational Corps have remained inactive. That changed with Grandmaster Don’roq’s announcement, revealing the opening of new facilities on the Mid-Rim world of New Holstice for the Medical Corps and on the Inner-Rim world of Obroa-Skai for the Educational Corps. Jedi on both planets will be looking to expand on and improve the Order’s work in bringing medical care and new schools to their surrounding sectors.

Also in the news, the Republic fleet claimed victory in a number of stunning operations against pirates operating along the Perlemian Trade Route last cycle. The pirates, believed to be operating out of the Pakuuni sector, have been a growing menace along the major hyperlane for the past several years, serving as no small hazard to commerce between the Core and the Outer Rim. Naval special forces, working in coordination with Jedi Knights from Ossus, hit a number of outposts along the Perlemian, destroying three such installations and driving the pirates and other outlaws from a further five. Vice-Admiral Stiro of the Republic Mid-Rim fleet had this to say:

These criminals have been a thorn in the side of honest, decent traders for long enough. We’re just glad to finally have them on the run.

Finally today, the Inner Rim planet of Onderon saw the coronation of its new king this morning. His majesty, King Artus Kira, was crowned in the capital of Iziz to much fanfare and celebration. The popular patriarch of the royal family has done much to expand his world’s economy and public services since the sad passing of his father, the late king Jarrew, almost two years ago. Rumors of the new king’s supposed ability to use the Force as the Jedi do have followed him for most of his life. Like many other rumors surrounding the royal family of Onderon however this has never been confirmed.