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355.06 // Something In The Mist


Immara Capital news reporting – there has been a fleet of unmarked ships that has entered Rannon’s atmosphere. A series of ships were spotted by a RSF patrol in Sector 08. As you can see from the image there are two ships that with what look to be armed men surrounding them. We’ll take it over to Chief Constable Runen Ouzon who has more information on the sighting:

“Yes, these unmarked ships miraculously somehow made it past our orbital defences. We believe that there could of been a possible inside man though we aren’t currently sure. I am currently in meeting with the Rannon Council to discuss matters further though we do believe that these people are apart of a crime syndicate based on Nar Shaddaa. That is all.”

The RSF has ask that nobody tries to engage or communicate with these armed men as they are highly dangerous and could pose a threat to anyone.