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354.21 // Missing Ambassador Returns Home


Following a mysterious disappearance, missing Ishi Tib ambassador Gram Keew returned to Tibrin earlier today. Local reports indicated that the ambassador’s transport crashlanded en route to a diplomatic intervention. Ambassador Keew was missing for a total of 11 days and earlier his spokesperson released a statement about his experiences:

“Despite the numerous dangers and perils I faced during this experience, I intend to continue serving the Ishi Tib people. There is no hazard that we cannot overcome and in the end I believe that these conflicts we face can be resolved peaceably, even the unexpected ones.

“However, I would like to take this moment to extend my gratitude to the various Republic and Republic-affiliated forces who ensured my recovery and safe return to Tibrin.”

The remainder of the statement emphasized the need for togetherness in trying times and a promise by Ambassador Keew to return to his work after a brief respite.