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351.18 // Yutan agrees to take Belovian refugees

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Following the conclusion of talks, officials announced today that Yutan will accept refugees from neighboring Belovia on a much larger scale than in recent cycles. The news comes in the wake of significant climate changes on Belovia which some are calling a new Ice Age, making vast areas of the planet uninhabitable.

The agreement was stalled by further research being conducted, as well as cultural hurdles. However, intervention by the Republic and other organizations has at last allowed for an agreement to be made, with significant subsidies to be donated to Yutan to aid in the relief effort.

With the news, many stranded Belovian communities are now able to move offworld, escaping below freezing temperatures, earthquakes and contaminated natural water supplies. Those in the region have called the operation a huge success, but acknowledge that there are still many more steps to be taken in the future.