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351.14 // Hynah Directive reluctantly recognized by Senate

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Following a statement earlier today, it was confirmed that a small but notable group of systems on the Hydian Way have officially seceded from the Republic, in a new alliance calling itself the Hynah Directive. A corresponding statement, released by the systems involved, condemned Republic indifference towards the region during the Imperium War, as well as dwindling supplies.

Though it is unprecedented for such a small number of systems to secede, the Hynah Directive joins several other independent clusters, such as the Hapes Consortium and the historic Serex-Juvex sectors. Though technically residing within Republic controlled space, the systems in the new territory are exempt from senatorial law.

With the news, many are speculating the terms of the agreement, raising concerns that the independent systems control the central section of the Hydian Way, potentially breaking trade routes between the Core and northern systems. However, the discussions have remained peaceful and many import and export bans have already been lifted in the region.

All Republic announcements have remained confident that this issue will be resolved and returned to normal before long. Many neighboring systems in the region are currently in talks to decide whether to join the Hynah Directive or remain with the Republic.