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351.09 // Diplomatic talks with seceding systems fall through

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If you don’t live on the Hydian Way, you’d be forgiven if today’s news comes as a surprise. With the war against the Imperium coming to an end after nearly a decade, a small group of systems on the boundary between Republic and previously Imperium territory have been threatening secession, citing Republic negligence during the conflict. Whilst a peaceful and localized movement, the close of negotiations today will most likely accelerate the process.

The Senate has issued a statement concluding that whilst the secession has not been officially recognized, it will continue to work to prevent any future breakaway, however small, in these uncertain times and promises that trade will not be affected. Despite this claim, many galactic corporations have already begun to withdraw major operations from the area.

As of yet, the group of systems have not released any formal statement, though one is expected in coming cycles.