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340.14 // Sith Imperium on Alzoc III?

The Alzoc III government has reported an attack on one of their outposts in the mountains. Alzoc III was formerly Republic, and home to Jedi until their decision to relocate to their ancestral world of Yavin IV.

An explosion ripped the east side of the outpost. Notably the location where stored information was kept. The explosion came from seemingly nowhere. No A.S.F (Alzoc Security Force) mentioned sight of anybody entering or leaving the facility.

However, security camera footage (retrieved remotely) contained sightings of robed figures fading in and out of view:

We can identify these figures from prior knowledge to be Sith. One can only speculate their presence is connected to the facility’s history. It was once a Jedi Enclave, used as a hidden retreat.

We are uncertain the Jedi have left Yavin. The Republic and Jedi keep this information secure and hidden. Nonetheless, if they are, we highly advise them to leave soon rather than later.