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339.29 // A New Strategy

The Imperium conquest continues in Northern space. Both the Republic and New Empire struggle to push the Sith back as they have all but conquered Imperial territory, and are spreading the fight to Republic space. The presence of Sith on the battlefield has proved difficult for the Empire and Republic. Many war strategists prospect the best way to counter the Sith would be their eternal enemies – the Jedi. However, the Jedi Order has withered to ashes. However, the protectorate established will ensure safer conditions for the Jedi remnant to once again be the Jedi Order. There has been no word on how yet this will be achieved. I and many of the Republic are unsure, though. It appears hopeless.

Empress Bellitria Fel is slowly and painfully retreating her forces from Imperial space to regroup on Coruscant, so she and the Republic may plan an efficient counter offensive to cease the Imperium’s thrust into Republic space. But many still remain pessimistic about the Republic’s future. It does not appear the Jedi will be joining the fray any time soon. Their aid in saving the Empress proved destruction for the Jedi.

We here at G.S.N will share everything we know about the current state of the Jedi remnant. The Sith enacted their plan by first employing their disease, aimed to destroy the Jedi firstly and any others with high midichlorian counts. By doing this the Imperium were able to invade the Republic as swiftly as they did.

Recently, we regretfully informed the public about the assault on Dantooine. A planet writhed in history for pain, war, and destruction. but truthfully a remote and peaceful world. We have received an image of what became of the Dantooine Enclave. This image was leaked from the Republic’s intelligence agency, G.R.I.D.


The Order lost the majority of its member base from the plague. The Dantooine branch, specifically, spread themselves thin. Some followed the High Council to Bastion. Some remained to help the evacuation. All the Jedi who remained on Dantooine were killed, helping the civilians escape Dantooine. Not all escaped, but the Jedi and Republic died and fought trying. The only survivors of the Dantooine branch came from the few Jedi who retreated from Bastion for Ossus, the now make-shift hospital for surviving Jedi. A small fleet blockades the planet in preparation for a possible attack from the Sith, who so desperately wish to eradicate the last scraps of the Jedi.

Additionally, the corridors of the Ilum temple are empty. Like Dantooine, many of the Jedi at Ilum died at Bastion or retreated to Ossus. Many question what will become of their historic crystal caves for lightsaber crystals. There has been no word whether the Ilum Jedi have secured the caves, or left them open for others to enter, explore, or exploit.

The Yavin temple is the only functioning branch in the Galaxy. In light of the closeness of Yavin to the war zone, the Jedi there are soon planning to move to another, more secure, and not disclosed location. But it is said the Jedi will be receiving a Republic guarded escort, and will remain under guard by a small, elite fleet in their time at this new planet. Many speculate the Yavin temple to be the new leading branch of the Order, but there is no evidence to support that rumor.

With the Order’s supply lines now disbanded, the remnants of the Order are no longer capable of supporting them self. The Jedi are fully relying on the Republic for fiscal, medical, and food resources. It is a struggle for the Republic to deliver resources to the remaining Jedi temples as well as supply forces fighting the Sith. The Jedi struggle to survive, but Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo ensured the Order’s recovery to be among the priorities. The Chief of State recognizes how paramount the Jedi will be in the final stages of the war.

Chief of State Tirahimo has asked the people of the Republic to place faith in her, if they cannot place faith in Empress Fel’s plan of retaliation. She promises with the help the New Empire and Empress Fel, she will be able to stop the Imperium in its tracks. As for the Jedi Order, the Republic will keep a nurturing and supportive relationship with them. She does not want them to be restored quickly, she wants them to be reborn from their defeat stronger than ever.