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334.05 // The Silent Order

Reports and studies have shown the Jedi Order has significantly decreased aid to planetary systems across the galaxy. The Jedi Order has denied request upon request of assistance with an increase of 110 % in the past five years. Questions are being raised given the severity of the situation faced by countless people overwhelmed by hardship.

Earlier today Senator Iordo Del’kee of New Alderaan proposed action in consequence to the Order’s indolence,

“Despite the Order’s compliance to the travel ban, there is no excuse for any of the other Jedi branches to remain as inactive as a hibernating Wampa. Is it too much to ask from the Galaxy’s ‘greatest defenders’ defend us in these dark times?! I think not!

If this dormant state persists, I will make a motion to remove majority funding to the Order and place it towards medical research for finding our beloved Republic a cure to this tormenting and infectious plague. Unless the High Council can answer for their rude, off-putting behavior, I and innumerable senators are prepared to take action!”

For the most part, people of the Republic share Senator Iordo’s sentiment, leaving many to angrily wonder, ”Where are our sworn protectors?”