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327.29 // Possible Health Crisis | Budgeting Inefficiencies

Coruscant Senate Chambers

At an open session in the Senate, the Secretary for Health, Kov Glorin, advised the Chief of State cases of individuals with flu symptoms have vastly increased to the point of intolerance. With the expectation more antibiotics will boost immune systems in those primarily vulnerable, such as children and elderly citizens, concerns are the cost of production may spin out of control in the process of fighting and containing this flu.

As the economy gradually recovers from the War, fears of possible costs on this scale could deliver a crippling blow to reconstruction. However, with the rise of people seeking medical aid for long periods of fever like symptoms, it’s been suggested the Galaxy could be facing a wide spread epidemic.

The Senate has begun to investigate and scrutinize these cases more closely prior to making any calls of labeling the growing concern as a ‘plague crisis’. It has been rumored other systems will be approached as it’s believed this may become a shared problem for every system in the known Galaxy.