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327.09 // Civil War on Iridonia Comes to an End


Finally, the drawn out conflict on Iridonia has experienced a welcomed conclusion, with the Tul’Vyi clan scattered and in ruins. The fighting officially ended with the defeat of Zaion, Tul’Vyi’s clan leader, who was reportedly captured then arrested by two Jedi Knights, who were among the handful of Jedi aiding the assault on the Tul’Vyi’s stronghold. The Order has not yet commented on its role on the war’s resolution. Galactic aid organizations have flooded the surface of Iridonia, as the clean up effort is officially underway.

With an overwhelmingly compelling case against Zaion, organized by the Republic’s Prosecution Office, the shamed warlord faces a severe punishment of life in high security detainment.

The war torn planet has already begun repair, as governing bodies are slowly restored, allowing a plan for Iridonia’s future domestic and galactic trade prospects to be drafted up, as the victorious clans all seek a much needed economic reboot. While leading economists predict it’ll be sometime before the planet’s credit rating returns to acceptable levels, neighbouring systems seek to benefit from a rebuilding Iridonia, showing that the end of the civil war will prompt prosperity for the region.

The conquered territory of the Tul’Vyi has already been fairly divided into three sectors, each representing an expansion of the triumphant clans, the Be’Tominyet, Ul’Narit and Rak’Slaret, who cohesively defeated the ruthless invading clan.

For now, it seems peace will prevail on Iridonia for the foreseeable future.