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325.01 // The Galaxy’s Latest

Recently in galactic news..

Republic listening stations have recently reported sighting an Imperial battle-fleet crossing the Republics borders. While this would ordinarily signal an invasion on the Empires part, the stations report having lost sight of the armada as it was heading westward into the Unknown Regions. Both the Council of Grand Moffs and the Emperor himself refuse to comment.

Negotiations between Republic diplomats and Mandalorian clan leaders could potentially be drawing to a close, according to inside sources. While nothing is certain about what has been discussed over the past few years of talks, it is rumoured that a place in the Republic Senate may be offered to this infamously independent of worlds. As usual both the current Mandalore as well as his chieftains are tight-lipped for now, as is the Republic Senate.

Referendums are expected in the coming cycles on the worlds of Ord Biniir and Ord Canfre as the peoples of both worlds decide on whether they want to secede from the Republic and formally join the Empire. Apparently the falling standards of the economy in the region as well as increasing levels of piracy are causing the governments of both worlds to look for, as they put it, ‘more secure and determined alternatives to a collection of high-class, disconnected senators living on Coruscant.’

More news to come…