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325.01 // Killer in the Core


A serial killer is on the loose, blasting down spouses of respected law enforcement figures on doorsteps, say security forces on the capital world of Coruscant.

Residents in the higher levels of Coruscant, in the wealthy section 0023, were warned today as new evidence linking several murders emerges.

Law enforcement announced yesterday, the death of Kiro Kem, who was found dead with lethal blaster burns, is being investigated in connection with two other unsolved murders that took place in similar circumstances just blocks from each other. Kem’s wife, a venerable officer on the security force, refused to comment.

Security Chief Kenvar Locier said at a press conference that they suspect Kem’s killer was also responsible for the murder of Vanara Lox (last year) and Syelk Cerso (two cycles ago).

Ballistics results for the murders confirm common impact zones and blaster residue for the three cases. However, Locier wouldn’t say for certain whether the same weapon was used in all three shootings.

‘The cases appear to be linked, but until we have evidence to point to only one suspect, we will investigate all possibilities,’ Locier said.

All three murders took place at the same time of day after the victims presented themselves at the front door.

Law enforcement officers are currently looking for an older, humanoid man.

No motive has been established for any of the killings, which law enforcement officers fear may spark chaos in the community. Locier said this afternoon that residents should be vigilant and should avoid answering their door for strangers, but warned that no-one overreact. So far, residents have taken the warning relatively well.

There have been rumors that the security force may seek Jedi aid; however, no validation to such a claim has been made as of yet.