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325.10 // CEO of Agos Co Arrested


The first major arrest since the commission, issued against industry corruption, was celebrated by the senate majority and law enforcement officials today, as CEO of Agos Co, Markus Kans was among the first high profile member in the company to be taken into custody. Kans was charged with two counts of conspiracy to murder, three counts of first degree murder, numerous counts of extortion and tax evasion. He likely faces a life time sentence, with the findings of the commission creating an overwhelmingly compelling case against him.

Several share holders have also been arrested for their involvement in the extortion and tax evasion charges, although what sentence they are facing is unclear at this time. Senator Sandria spoke to the media for the first time since the commission was announced today, after being cleared of the allegations staged against her regarding the detention centre scandal. She commented on the murder of her colleagues, of which the commission confirmed Agos Co responsible. “Today we have seen justice for the murder of three of my good friends and loyal servants of the Republic. Today we see the fall of Agos Co as it pays for its wrong doings. Never again should we allow the self interests of companies like Agos Co threaten our great democracy. I call upon Senator Wrex, who for so long defended Agos Co, to reflect on his actions”. Senator Wrex has since resigned as a result of an intense public backlash.

As the commission is  only in its infancy, many are expecting further arrests. The profit projections of Agos Co predict bankruptcy within the end of this cycle, as the commission has affected productivity and further boycotts against the corrupt company have been met with large scale success.  Economists have warned of the economic implications of Agos Co’s demise and will propose a new economic plan to the Senate in three days.