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312.09 // Signs of Increased Militancy in Mandalore Sector



While the Senate apparently continues to debate over what should be done concerning the growing number of piracy incidents in the Mid Rim and beyond, it appears the Mandalorians are not taking the same reserved approach as the Republic. While indeed the Mandalorians have respected the terms of the treaty that brought a close to the war for a number of years now, there are signs, according to border watch stations, that there are increasing numbers of Mandalorian naval vessels patrolling along the border between their region and Republic space.
There is also an unconfirmed report from a border watch station near Taris and Wayland of Mandalorian vessels crossing the border into Republic territory. If this is true that would place them in direct violation of the peace accords that brought an end to the war roughly two decades ago. While Republic Intelligence is reportedly looking into this claim of vessels crossing the border, it would appear that the Mandalorians at least are not taking this rise in pirate activity lightly.

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