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311.18 // Piracy on the Rise in the Outer Rim Territories



Since the conclusion of the war the Republic has been dealing with a sharp rise in piracy across its sectors, especially sectors within the Outer Rim Territories. With a severe economic depression, a downsized navy and military aswell as cut-backs across a number of regional police and security forces, the galaxies black market has thrived, as have smugglers and pirates throughout Republic space.
While the Senate is expected to meet shortly to discuss a means to curb this steady rise in piracy those from the Mid Rim and beyond wish all too well for a swift and sudden end to these steadily increasing illegal actions that are not only disrupting trade and commerce across the outer sectors of the Republic but communications also.
The seeming inaction of the Senate has caused a number of Outer-Rim worlds in recent months to begin to question whether or not to follow the Empire and Hapan examples and secede from the Republic, a government they are apparently beginning to see as no longer being able to take care of its own.

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