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296.23 // Experiments Devestate Caamas

Disaster has struck in the Cirius System, and the tranquil planet of Caamas has once again been struck by a disaster of sentient origin. It has been reported than a yet unidentified operation used an artificial cave system as the site for a particle accelerator. The purpose for the experiments is, as of time of reporting, unclear, but the effects are being felt planet-wide.

Caamas’ surface, initially devastated in 19 BBY by the Galactic Empire, faces immediate ecological collapse through the disappearance of entire ecosystems. Representatives from Bothawui have already announced plans to dispatch relief teams to aid in the rescue and preservation of the surviving species. Acting Chief of State Admiral Wilkinson has called an emergency Senate meeting to discuss full-scale disaster relief and environmental aid.

We here at GHN express our deepest sympathies for the Camassi people, and will continue to bring you further updates on this disaster.

Ular Tenn // GHN