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296.14 // An Unlikely Couple?

Wookiee core drive artist Kortuvva announced this morning that she will be working on a collaboration album with the renowned Trandoshan glitz composer, Blackscale. The pairing of heavy core drive with glitz melodies is not unheard of, but the coming-together of these historically opposed racial styles has been met with heavy criticism. Kortuvva’s fans have responded with outcry, as the majority of her music features racially-charged themes and lyrics.

When asked for comment, Kortuvva responded by saying:

“Blackscale is a talented musician and an intelligent businessman. Working with him to combine musical styles in spite of our racial differences breaks musical precedent. In coming together, our music can show the galaxy this: the hatred that has driven our species apart for so long is truly, a thing of the past.”

GHN attempted to contact Jedi Master Kara Yelay, pupil of the late Jedi Master Mardus Jeul, for comment on the matter. Master Jeul had earned respect from Wookiees, and Trandoshans alike, for being instrumental in peace talks between the two races. In maintaining with the Order’s stance of neutrality, Master Yelay refused to comment on the matter, though we suspect that the Jedi will be watching this mixture of art and culture with as much interest as we have here in the studio.

Rin Jaicup // GHN