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294.27 // Market Uncertainties


There has been trouble among stock speculators this week as the arms and defence industry has seen an downturn in shareholder confidence. Sources tell us that with the rumour of a possible down-scaling of all defense contractors within Alliance space, several companies that once flourished during the wartime are now looking at alternative means of production.

One such individual that has led the charge in production change-over is Ebon Raddyx, majority stockholder and CEO of Raddyx Corporation, who stated in a press statement earlier this week:

“Raddyx has been a household name in the defence industry for long enough. Now, in peacetime as well as during conflict, Raddyx will continue to bring quality products and competitive prices with our new agricultural line of products, as well as our new home decorator line. We’ve got excellent people in both fields that, along with myself, will continue to bring you the Raddyx standard of excellence.”

With tensions between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Mandalorians clans remaining above pre-war levels, Alliance military officials have been quick to dismiss concerns that this potential downsizing of the Alliance’s arms budget will have a negative impact on security within Alliance space. Speaking on GHN’s morning broadcast, Coridan Noy’fay, deputy leader of the Alliance’s ministry of defence had this to say on the matter:

“The security of Alliance worlds and their citizens has always been, and always will be our foremost priority. Demilitarisation is a key part of the peace process and if that is successful, we will consider a similar gesture. Any future alterations to our military spending will be in line with the current economic and military environment.”

Economic advisors have latched onto this idea as a cornerstone of economic recovery in Alliance space. A full report on the state of the Alliance economy and how to improve it is expected to be released by the Galactic Economics Institute within the next cycle.