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289.04 // New Violence on Serenno

In the wake of the destruction of the Ascendancy naval force orbiting Serenno, and the terrible massacre of the uprising of Spince, rebel forces have once again taken up arms on the planet’s surface.

Unlike it’s predecessor, freedom fighters have begun to gain ground in their campaign for liberty. With Coalition forces establishing a no-fly zone in the planet’s orbit, the Ascendancy has not been able land another biological attack against opposing forces. Also unlike the dissenters who came before, these new citizen soldiers are not relying on hit and run tactics to make their presence felt. Funded by an unknown source, and well equipped, the people of Serenno are marching in force, taking the fight to Chiss forces.

Already the cities of Bobecc, Torwyn, and and Rekonn have fallen. As the rebels continue to gain support from town to town, a march on the capital city of Roosh is sure to be expected in the cycles to come. When such a march finally comes, we here at the Galactic Holonews News Desk will be first on the scene, and first to give you a full report.

Edson Sage, GHN