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289.28 // Breaking News: Admiral Wilkinson announced as new temporary Chief Of State

Breaking news straight from the Senate on Coruscant, after many months of debate the Senate finally announced a new but temporary Chief of State in the form of Admiral Wilkinson of Coalition High Command.

Admiral Wilkinson has been a leading figure on the front line, lending his invaluable assistance and tactical genius to maneuvering the GA fleet into the former Commonwealth space now occupied by the Ascendancy, taking the fight to them. The announcement has been long over due as the Senate has thus far failed to draft new candidates for the vacant position as Chief of State, word has it that the Senate has been in a state of chaos rumored to have been spurred on by whispers against all new candidates as they step forward to be counted leaving politicians unsure who to back as the next Chief of State.

During this phase however, an agreement was reached to allow Admiral Wilkinson to take seat as a temporary Chief of State in the midst of the on going war. Having served many cycles in the Alliance Military the Senators on Coruscant were quick to back him to take the position after he was seemingly left in control of most the office after former Chief of State Caden Aquitenne was assassinated, but the Senate have now moved to make this arrangement more formal and official through out the Alliance.

The public eye will certainly now be fixed on Admiral Wilkinson’s decision making and leading ability as he seeks to bring the war to an end after leading the Galactic Alliance into the southern space where they are now engaging the Ascendancy forces head on.

No comment was available from Admiral Wilkinson at this time.