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288.05 // The House Of Serenno Mourns

It was announced today that the well respected, former freedom fighter Count Kaylluss of the Six Houses of Serenno, had passed away this evening at the age of 83.

Count Kaylluss was known for his persistent campaign to fight against the oppression his people faced at the hands of the invading Ascendancy forces which had made its presence felt early into the war. During this period Count Kaylluss was present at many Commonwealth meetings as he lobbied for resources, support and assistance to gain freedom for his people. However, due to the increasing pressure being put on the Commonwealth at that time these attempts were made in vain.

Many attempts were made on the Counts life due to the political movements and other uninvestigated notions, but Count Kaylluss was always a resourceful man making alliances with many militia groups and even an understanding with the Jedi Order. During these points the location of Count Kayllus was unknown and unaccounted for, but as a true hero to his people Count Kayllus worked tirelessly for the people of Serenno. To honour this bold act, a small bronze bust will be placed on a parliament building to serve as a memory but many speculate that this will not be upheld once the Ascendancy takes notice.